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UB-EIM Certification

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Cambridge School is the only language school accredited by the University of Barcelona's School of Modern Languages in Vallès Oriental, which means we can offer certain benefits to our students.

Based on the criteria of quality and experience, the University of Barcelona's School of Modern Languages selected a small number of language academies in Catalonia to offer a series of exclusive benefitsunder the seal of the University itself. To choose these academies, the University made sure that schools satisfied a certain standardand had continual assessment systems, clearly defined study programmes, rigour towards students and qualified teachers.

From level N5 and up, every adult and young learner studying at a Cambridge School centre receives, at the end of each course, a certificate from the University of Barcelona’s School of Modern Languages officially certifying their level of English, French, German or Italian.

In addition, all Cambridge School students are given a University of Barcelona (School of Modern Languages) student card entitling them to a range of benefits including exclusive discounts in shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, health establishments, etc. For more information on the discounts, go to: