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Our courses for adults are for professionals, university students and anyone who needs English for work, study, travel or even just as a hobby.

At Cambridge School, we follow what is known as the communicative approach. Under this methodology, you use the language you’re studying from your first day in class. Although grammar and vocabulary are studied by reading and writing, emphasis is placed on making sure students can communicate, hence there is a lot of listening and speaking practice, often in pairs or small groups, maximising each student's listening and speaking time.

Learning with native English teachers offers a range of advantages including the perfect correction of pronunciation and the natural selection of vocabulary.

The classes are varied, dynamic and highly interactive, and each classroom has an interactive projector to create an even more active environment. Teachers use games, stimulating texts and audiovisual material to facilitate learning and ensure assimilation.

Our courses are clearly structured and planned. Each level uses a course book complemented by multimedia material and a reader. You get homework each week to consolidate the work done in class, and your progress is assessed on a regular basis through tests and exams.

Thanks to our rigorous methodology and the quality of our English teaching, assessment and progress monitoring, Cambridge School is the only school in Vallès Oriental accredited by the University of Barcelona's School of Modern Language. 

Aprender con profesores nativos ofrece, entre otras, la ventaja de una perfecta corrección de pronunciación y la selección natural de vocabulario.

Las clases son variadas, dinámicas y muy interactivas y disponemos de proyector interactivo en todas ellas para crear un entorno más activo. Los profesores utilizan juegos, textos interesantes y material audiovisual para facilitar el aprendizaje y asegurar la asimilación.

Nuestros cursos están claramente estructurados y programados. Cada nivel sigue un libro, completado por actividades audiovisuales y otro libro de lectura. Los estudiantes reciben tareas semanales para consolidar el trabajo hecho en clase. Regularmente, se evalúa el progreso del estudiante con pruebas y exámenes.

Gracias a nuestro método riguroso y de calidad de la enseñanza del inglés, de su evaluación y seguimiento, Cambridge School ha sido elegida como el único Centro Acreditado por la Escola d’Idiomes Moderns de la Universitat de Barcelona

Our strengths

  • All our teachers are qualified native speakers of the languages they teach.
  • Small groups, with a minimum of 5 and an average of 8–10 students per group, which ensures adequate time for student speaking-practice and monitoring.
  • Prestigious educational method, planned and with systematic student monitoring.
  • Weekly continued professional development system for teachers to guarantee the level of teaching quality.
  • Preparation for the official Cambridge exams based on extensive experience with around 3,500 exams passed over the last 15 years.
  • At the end of the course, every passing student receives a certificate from the University of Barcelona’s School of Modern Languages recognising the level achieved according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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