Moodle Teacher training:

With Cambridge Online, you can study languages from any Internet device, at your pace and whenever you want. With our online courses, you'll have the advantage of class-time flexibility with the same quality of teaching.

Online Courses

Cambridge School offers a wide range of full English courses via our Net Languages platform. You can improve your general level of English working through the eight levels of the course, prepare for an exam such as the First Certificate or the IELTS, study English for work or practice a specific area of the language.

  • Learn English using our modern, efficient and fun system
  • Speak with your tutor in real-time (telephone/Skype) to improve your fluency and pronunciation
  • Practice with engaging video and audio material, interactive activities and wide variety of exercises
  • Improve on all language skills (speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, etc.)
  • Try out course free trial at no obligation 

Skype Classes