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We guarantee a high return on investment on the language training of employees. Student progress is assured through close monitoring and measurable results.

Your employees’ time is valuable. To make the most of it, we optimise their language learning with structured programmes and clear aims.

Choosing Cambridge School means choosing quality in language learning. With over 30 years’ experience, we are the leading language school in Vallès Oriental and the surrounding areas.

The Cambridge Methodology: how we work

  • Communicative approach: The focus is on communication skills, with students speaking the language being learnt from their first day in class. The aim is full language immersion, which simulates how we learn our mother tongue.
  • Dynamic classes: With emphasis on the interaction among students and with the teacher, real situations from the company's day-to-day are simulated via activities done in pairs or small groups. The pace is varied with a wide range of activities that makes for dynamic and motivating classes.
  • Business skills: The classes have a practical focus on aspects of interest to the students (business vocabulary, writing emails, problem solving, negotiation, communication strategies, etc.). Themes are worked on based around expressions and vocabulary related to business in general and the company itself. The aim is to perfect expression for a given context.
  • Structured courses: Our courses are clearly structured and planned, following the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This allows determining a starting point for the student according to their initial level and setting an objective and timeframe for achieving it.

The Cambridge School Group: Why Choose Us?

  • Over 80 qualified native teachers who take part in a weekly continued professional development system to guarantee the level of teaching quality.
  • Small student groups, which guarantees the speaking practice and monitoring of each student.
  • Prestigious educational method, planned and with systematic student monitoring.
  • Extensive experience preparing students for official exams: over 2,500 exams passed in under 15 years. Cambridge School is an official Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre.
  • We are the only language school in Vallès Oriental accredited by the University of Barcelona's School of Modern Languages based on the quality and rigour of our methodology.

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