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Before enrolling in a Cambridge School course, all students from 3rd year primary-school level on do a written and spoken test to determine their level. So, if a student is good at the language, they can study at Cambridge School at a level above their school year.

Students demonstrating excellent progress can skip a level during or at the end of a course. Likewise, students making slower progress repeat levels so they can successfully progress in the next levels when they do move up.

Normally, after an initial period of consolidation, students studying English in our classes achieve a much higher than average level for their school years. For instance, a student that has been studying with us for several years and is currently in first year of ESO at high school could very easily be studying the equivalent to fourth year of ESO at Cambridge School.


* Cambridge English official exams.
** Courses for new students

First Start: For students who start at seven years or younger at Cambridge School and follow our methodology throughout their learning. This allows them to progress more quickly, and means we can guarantee that they will get to first certificate level in their fourth year of ESO or first year of Bachillerato at high school.

Stages of learning English for children at Cambridge School