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This is the Cambridge Assessment English most advanced exam. It demonstrates having achieved an extremely high level of English (Level C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and is normally taken by non-native English teachers, translators or candidates who need a near-perfect mastery of English for work or academic reasons.

To pass, you need to get 60%, for which you'll be awarded the Cambridge Assessment English certificate. If you don't pass but get between 45 and 59%, you’ll get a certificate stating the level you achieved.

Why take the exam?

The Proficiency exam is recommended because it is:

  • Recognised by universities in the UK and other English-speaking countries as proof of having a high enough level of English to access higher education programmes.
  • Recognised by well-known companies worldwide.
  • Recognition for years of English study through obtaining the Cambridge Assessment English most advanced qualification.

What's in the exam?

There are four parts to the exam:

  • Reading and use of English (grammar and vocabulary) – 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Writing – 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Listening – 40 minutes
  • Speaking in pairs – 16 minutes

You can do the speaking part with a friend or classmate also sitting the C2 Proficiency exam.

Preparing for the exam

If you are a Cambridge School student in a Proficiency level course, you'll know if you're ready to do the exam because, as part of the course, in the second and third term, you'll do a mock exam to test your level. If you get over 65% on this test, you can enrol to do official exam.

We also offer special preparation courses for the C2 Proficiency exam at reduced prices for Cambridge School students. These are intensive courses available in spring and autumn in the weeks prior to the exam. In these courses, you learn exam techniques, prepare written essays similar to those in the exam and do a total of 4 full mock exams in class and as homework.

Plus, for candidates enrolled in the exam, we do an additional mock exam (free for Cambridge School students) three weeks prior to the real exam, which is a fantastic opportunity to get in some more practice before the exam.

Price and exam dates

The exam costs €216.

It is held twice a year in June and December. All exams are held at Granollers or Cardedeu.

For exact dates, see the exam calendar in the "Official exams" section.