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Schools + Parent Associations

Cambridge School has a wide range of English-teaching services for parents associations, primary schools, secondary schools and other education centres, from after-school English classes and talks and storytelling throughout the academic year, to holding the University of Cambridge exams at schools and study trips abroad.

For any age or level, Cambridge School can provide a solution for your school to further integrate English into the students’ schooling.

Why Cambridge School in the schools?

  • We have over 30 years' experience teaching language classes in Vallès Oriental and have 8 schools in the region.
  • We currently teach after-school classes in over 30 schools in Vallès Oriental.
  • All our teachers are dynamic, young and responsible; have a high level of English; and have the full support of Cambridge School’s expert academic team.
  • Our classes, storytelling and talks are adapted to suit the school and the ages and levels of the children and are always educational, enjoyable and fun.
  • We have extensive experience in preparing students for and organising the Cambridge English exams from the University of Cambridge, with nearly 3,000 official exams passed by our students since 2000.
  • We are the only language school in Vallès Oriental accredited by the University of Barcelona's School of Modern Languages. We were selected based on the rigour and quality of our teaching method.

After-school classes

National Schools Project

Story Time

Talks for secondary schools

School trips