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Language learning represents not only a financial investment on behalf of the company but also an investment in terms of their employees’ time. At Cambridge School, we ensure that both investments provide a return from the very first day with a rigorous and continuous monitoring of the training plan performance: students and company alike are always informed of where they currently are, where they are going and when they will get there.

All of our courses are clearly structured, following the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This allows us to determine each student’sinitiallevel and set them a specific objective and a timeframe in which to achieve it. Throughout the course, we assess the student's progress regularly and communicate the results to the student and company.

In-company training plan


Student audit
Students complete the Cambridge in-company level test, which includes a grammar and vocabulary test and an oral interview. The test gives each student’s overall level on the CEFR scale.


Choice of training programme and packages
Using the results obtained in the auditweproduce a personalizedproposal by selectingthe training packages best suited to the students.


Objective setting
According to the language demands of each person’swork, individual objectives are set with specific timeframes.


Progress measurement
Cambridge in-company provides regular progress reports on:
- Student attendance
- Detailed progress on each student’s individual work
- Corrected and assessed written tasks
- Results from regular tests and exams


Cambridge English official exams

To motivate students to reach a certain level, we offer the chance of taking a Cambridge English exam through which students obtain an official certificate as recognition of their progress.
We have extensive experience in successfully preparing students for official exams at all levels, and Cambridge School is an official Cambridge English examination centre.


Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) 


Cambridge English official exams

Competent User


C2.2 Proficiency 2 Cambridge English - Proficiency (CPE)
C2.1 Proficiency 1
C1.2 Advanced Cambridge English - Advanced (CAE)
C1.1 Pre-advanced


B2.2 Upper intermediate 2 Cambridge English - First (FCE)
B2.1 Upper intermediate 1
B1.2 Intermediate 2 Cambridge English - Preliminary (PET)
B1.1 Intermediate 1
Basic User
A2.2 Pre-intermediate 2 Cambridge English - Key (KET)
A2.1 Pre-intermediate 1
A1 Elementary  


Example training plan performance