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Translation and interpretation

Cambridge in-company has a team of professional native experts who can provide you with specialised writing, document translation and live interpretation services. We can meet all your translation needs, with the type of professionalism and punctuality you can depend on, via a personalised and effective service.

Services and languages

  • TRANSLATIONS. Sworn, general and technical translations in both directions in all fields (legal, medical, scientific, financial, etc.). We ensure effectiveness and speed. Urgent translations at a 20% surcharge.
  • INTERPRETATION. Simultaneous and consecutive (accompanying, negotiations, presentations, etc.) at notary offices, courts, embassies, chambers of commerce and companies in general.


We have very competitive rates based on price per word translated. Prices may vary according to language and subject matter. 

The minimum price for translation is 12€ and the minimum price for an interpreter is based on the price for one hour.

If you wish to receive a personalised quote, we’ll be happy to provide you one within 24 hours at no obligation and answer any other query you may have. Please send us an email to

Selection of language staff

Cambridge in-company offers the human resource departments of companies a language-staff selection service that entails a series of written and oral tests to determine the language level of candidates and their suitability with regard to their language skills for the job vacancy in question.

For more information about this service, send us an email to with the subject “Language staff selection”.